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San Antonio Property Management

San Antonio Property Management - Reasonable Fees

Below is a more information about a specific rental and property management service we offer in San Antonio and the surrounding areas. If you have any additional questions, please give us a call.

  • San Antonio Property Management - Reasonable Fees
    Providing Reasonable Fees

    Tucker Co. offers full management services for 6% to 12% of monies collected from tenants payable monthly. Since our job is keeping your property occupied, there will be no management fee if your property is vacant. Most management companies fall in this same fee range depending on the type of property managed, market conditions, and area. However, the difference in property management firms is often the quality of services. At Tucker Co. our goal is to provide outstanding service so that any fees paid by the property owner are normally saved by avoiding longer vacancy times, excessive repair costs, and tenants who have not been checked out completely. Contrary to some management companies, no start up fee, REALTOR referral fee, releasing commission, flat fee when the property is vacant, or a fee to arrange maintenance exists. If the property owner decides to sell their property no commission is charged if the property owner uses another REALTOR.

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