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Owning a rental can be alot of work, if you don't have the right property management team on your side. Hiring a professional property manager will help reduce or eliminate the time you spend worrying about your properties.

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What you should know

Some owners will try to manage their own properties. What they often find out is that it's a full time job! Let us handle the headaches of tenant selection and rent collection.

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The value of your home as a rental

You may be thinking about moving, and selling your exisisting property. Call us before you make your final decision. You may find it's better to rent you house now and consider selling it later.

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Tucker Co. has been a family owned and operated Management Company serving the north central and north east quadrants of San Antonio since 1968.

Specializing in single family homes, we are experts in our field, and have helped hundreds of people like you realize strong financial rewards in the lucrative "small" investment properties. Our property specialization and defined market area allows us to handle enough transactions to give our owners an experienced edge, while still maintaining a personal feel and individual attention to your home. Tucker Co provides the professional experience that makes owning a real estate investment a success.

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